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East Sussex Record Office in Lewes

East Sussex Record Office acquires, looks after and makes available to the public unique archives relating to the history of East Sussex and Brighton & Hove from around 1100 to the present day. The archives can be on paper, parchment and modern media and come from individuals, estates, businesses, clubs, community groups and public bodies to form the collective memory of the county. Many users come to trace their family trees while others are looking at local history or researching a school project, book or television programme.

Location Details
East Sussex Record Office
The Keep
Woollards Way
Brighton BN1 9BP
Tel: 01273 482349
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Wheelchair access to ground floor.

Opening Times
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8.45 –16.45
9.30 –16.45
8.45 –16.15
Second Saturday of month
9.00 –13.00 & 14.00 –16.45


Neville Gabie
10 September 2001... an archive within an archive
10 – 19 November 2004
A snapshot of the life of East Sussex on 10 September 2001; the day before the tragic events of 11 September 2001 in the USA. Many people will remember what they were doing when they heard the news on the 11th, but what is remembered of the day before.
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Rachel Murphy
Mobile Medical Archive Unit
8 – 27 November 2004
A rebuilt medical trolley is used as an innovative computer system to explore attitudes towards health and illness from the 16th Century to the present day.
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Claudia Schenk
Things Unseen and Forgotten
4 October – 27 November 2004
25 – 28 October 2004, 11.00 – 17.30
A series of illustrations and a book inspired by inventories, from the 1720's to the present day, of the contents of people’s homes.
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Other Projects


Sally O'Reilly & Cathy Haynes of Implicasphere
A Three–Fold Yarn
Free. Pick up a copy from any of the three main venues.
Derived from a game in which players find connections between facts and fables to create unexpected lines of association A Three Fold Yarn reveals facts and fictions that add a new layer of meaning to Navigating History and to the libraries' collections.
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Talks and Events

Changing Rooms
28 October 2004, 18.30
Upstairs Reading Room, East Sussex Record Office
The design and contents of our homes has changed radically in the last 300 years.
Claudia Schenk, Dr Louise Purbrick Cultural Historian of the University of Brighton and Imogen Stewart, 17th to 19th Century furniture expert, take a sideways glance at design in the home.
Free. Booking advised on 01273 482349.

How do the Collectors Collect?
18 November 2004, 18.30
Upstairs Reading Room, East Sussex Record Office

Neville Gabie's 10 September 2001... an archive within an archive raises questions about what things will be important for the librarians/archivists to collect. Join the artist
Neville Gabie, Martin Andrews the Deputy Director of the Centre for Ephemera Studies at Reading University and Elizabeth Hughes, East Sussex County Archivist to an insight into why we might want to keep the seemingly insignificant, like a shop price list, a theatre handbill or your own pocket diary.
Free. Booking advised on 01273 482349.


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