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Claudia Schenk

Things Unseen and Forgotten
4 October – 27 November 2004
Star Gallery, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes, 25 – 28 October 2004, 11.00 – 17.30

The East Sussex Record Office preserves inventories of the possessions of local people from the 1720's. These lists of everyday objects give insights into peoples' lives. Claudia Schenk has created new inventories and invited people in surrounding Lewes to choose an item from their inventory that is precious to them. With the images and personal reflections Schenk has designed and hand printed a series of limited edition prints and made a free newspaper of inventories.

Most people probably thought I was slightly mad, approaching them in a shop on Lewes High Street, or having gotten their name from the phone book, and asking them to provide me with a list of every thing they have in their homes. But then everybody happily obliged and soon we were talking about what a simple inventory of your home can reveal.

"I have hundreds of jars, as I collect them, but I didn't want to seem weird so I didn't put them in, it seemed so excessive.." said one lady.

"You won't find a computer on my list at all, that is not a mistake but because we haven't got any."

One person I asked for an inventory said, "Funnily enough I got robbed last week, but as the only things I hold precious are my photo albums and those did not get stolen I was surprisingly unfazed by it. I always thought I would be terribly upset, and I wasn't bothered at all, they are only things..."

Thank you to all you people in Lewes who have trusted me with the contents of their houses, very much appreciated. Claudia Schenk 2004

Claudia Schenk’ Things Unseen and Forgotten can also be seen at the Star Gallery, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes, 25 – 28 October, 11.00 – 17.30

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Talks and Events

Changing Rooms

28 October 2004, 18.30
Upstairs Reading Room, East Sussex Record Office
The design and contents of our homes has changed radically in the last 300 years. Claudia Schenk, Dr Louise Purbrick Cultural Historian of the University of Brighton and Imogen Stewart, 17th to 19th Century furniture expert, take a sideways glance at design in the home.
Free. Booking advised on 01273 482349.

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Location Details
East Sussex Record Office in Lewes
The Maltings
Castle Precincts
Lewes BN7 1YT
Tel: 01273 482349
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Wheelchair access to ground floor.

Opening Times
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8.45 –16.45
9.30 –16.45
8.45 –16.15
Second Saturday of month
9.00 –13.00 & 14.00 –16.45

'Inventory Edward Besbeech 13th April 1720', East Sussex Record Office, copyright reserved
Inventory Edward Besbeech 13th April 1720,
East Sussex Record Office,
copyright reserved

Image © Claudia Schenk
Image © Claudia Schenk

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