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Mah Rana

A First Class Ticket For Worthing
4 October – 27 November 2004

A First Class Ticket For Worthing is about discovering personal and a local history, and it is an exploration of how jewellery marks points in our life stories.

From the wealth of Worthing’s local history material, Mah Rana unearthed a part of her family history and created a fictional piece of jewellery left to her by her great great grandfather’s sister Mary Conyers Godfrey Garnett, in 1901. The starting point for the project is the 1901 census, in which details of Mah's family appeared. But how did they come to be in Worthing from their home of British Guiana?

Mah Rana followed two strands of investigation; one about Worthing in 1901 and the other about the Garnett family who Rana discovered were holidaying in Worthing. Rana wanted to make a connection to her great, great, great aunt that was more than just dusty facts. She had a photograph of Mary Garnet's brother, but nothing that would have belonged to Mary Garnet herself so she imagined that Mary had passed down a piece of jewellery to her descendants, a souvenir or keepsake from her time in Worthing. From her research into both the Garnett family and Worthing Rana created the gold and blue jewellery, the blue is the same colour that is used to identify local history books in Worthing Library.

Mah's research extended from Worthing Library to the British Library in St Pancreas and Colindale and the internet and utilised a professional family historian. It included an article published in the Medical Journal by Mary Garnett’s son Graham, newspaper articles, ships' manifests and a book by Diana Dill.

All the research kept leading back to the 31 March 1901 so rather than creating a chronology of her ancestors Mah has traced local and worldwide events that would have connected to the Garnetts, and brought these stories together in a fictional issue of the Worthing Observer.

Collect a free copy of the fictional Worthing Observer 31 March 1901 from Worthing Library.

Meanings and Attachments
16 - 29 October 2004
This exhibition of photographs is the result of the Meanings and Attachments events that people have attended here in Worthing. Mah Rana has photographed and interviewed people about the stories and histories attached to their jewellery and highlights the way we use jewellery to mark occasions and events that are both siginficant and everyday. The exhibition reflects the meaning and importance of owning, giving and wearing jewellery throughout our lives.

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Talks & Events
Meanings and Attachments
21 October 2004, 12.00 - 18.00
Main Foyer of Worthing Library
Mah Rana invites you to be part of Meanings and Attachments. All you need to do is wear a piece of jewellery that holds special meaning for you and Mah Rana will record your memories and stories for the exhibition.

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Location Details
West Sussex Local Studies Collection in Worthing Library
Richmond Road
West Sussex BN11 1HD
Tel: 01903 704809

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The library has a ramp and a lift to the first floor.

Opening Times
Monday to Friday
9.00 –19.30
9.00 –17.00

'Worthing Observer 1901', Mah Rana 2004
Worthing Observer 1901 (detail),
Mah Rana 2004

Image © Mah Rana 2004

Image © Mah Rana 2004

'Worthing Marine Parade Bandstand & Pier 1899'  West Sussex County Library Service, Worthing Library
Worthing Marine Parade Bandstand
& Pier 1899' © West Sussex County
Library Service, Worthing Library


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