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Jason E Bowman

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Worthing Library at 2pm on the 27th

Jason E. Bowman's work for Navigating History explores the notion of the archive and the library and the act of reading. Local studies collections and archives represent many of the stories and biographies of a community, the collections allow people to connect with the many histories of an area and to understand the present.

Invisible among the items in the libraries' are the stories of all the readers who have been there before. Their tracks lie in fingerprints and smudges on the pages they have touched, which is evidence of their time spent reading, exploring, examining and investigating and being lost amidst narratives.

Jason E Bowman's project is about revealing the histories of what library and archive means to generations of people through the traces of past users. Using the historical 'human newspaper' the town crier Bowman will redistribute the hidden stories to the public of Worthing on Saturday November 27. To find out if you're story has been included or one that you have yet to discover then please come to Worthing Library at 2pm on the 27th.

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Location Details
West Sussex Local Studies Collection in Worthing Library
Richmond Road
West Sussex BN11 1HD
Tel: 01903 704809
Link to map (which opens in a new window)

The library has a ramp and a lift to the first floor.

Opening Times
Monday to Friday
9.00 –19.30
9.00 –17.00


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